As our population rapidly increases, the need for recognition, enjoyment and protection of society’s treasures becomes more important.  These treasures come in many forms, from a fine old building with a distinguished patina of age, to a beautiful and irreplaceable, but diminishing outdoor setting.

There is no doubt that we will grow; the question is will we grow wisely?  As population density increases, the need to get away will also increase.  The enjoyment of our natural and built “special places” will provide much of that escape.

Johnson & Johnson Architecture has been building and preserving these “ special places” for over 20 years.  Museums, nature centers, historic preservation and traditional residential generally comprise our resume.  Often projects are a combination of preservation and museum, or nature center.  The construction or modification of these structures involve specialized considerations, codes and standards.  But, however important the technical aspects are, the design and interface with the environment and person are primary.  We see the perfect design as blending with nature and history, not changing it.

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