Museums & Visitor Centers

Frequently historic preservation overlaps with museum or visitor center use.  An old City Hall becomes an art museum, a prominent residence becomes a house museum, or a residence becomes the office of an historical society.  These are but a few of the common rehabilitations of historic buildings.  However, they have unique standards and needs that must be carefully woven together.  Historic buildings have special criterion to assure their preservation.  Museums have specific environmental and security concerns.  And Visitor Centers have a story to tell.

                                             Santa Rosa Plateau Visitor Center

                                                            Visitor Center for a 7.000 acre ecological preserve.Santa_Rosa.html

                                 Oceanside Museum of Art

 Rehabilitation of a 1934 Irving Gill into an award winning art museum                                                                                   Oceanside.html

                Marston House Museum

              Celebrating San Diego’s first preservationist.Marston_Muse.html
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  Museums  &  Visitor Centers


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