Historic Documentation & Reports

Historic Designation Nominations
 A building, landscape, ship or even highway can be deemed historic.  A nomination report researches many sources of information, formulates a case for nomination and presents to the reviewing agency.  Historic designations can occur at the local, state and national levels.  Benefits of historic designation can include use of an alternative building code, reduction in development regulations, and financial incentives. Designations.html
Historic American Building Survey (HABS)
 HABS is a systematic documentation of the history, existing conditions drawings and photographic record of a historical resource.   The degree  of  information can vary, from very simple and general to detailed and thorough.    HABS degree of detail are ranked Level 1 to Level 4, with Level 1 being the most complete.  HABS documents are archived in the Library of Congress.HABS.html
Historic Structures Report (HSR)
Somewhat similar to HABS, a Historic Structures Report (HSR) is more of a planning tool.    A HSR documents the history and existing conditions of a historical resource, but also analyises and prioritizes possible uses for the resource, creates a maintaince schedule and details the Standards by which the resource should be maintained.HSR.html
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